Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Kryptos Fee System has had to change to PayPal only, please do not use Western Union anymore. the new PayPal account is: kryptos@earthlink.net

If you have used Western Union since March 1, 2020 to send your fee then you will have to have the fee credited back to your account online or you have to visit the Western Union office where you made the transfer. We really apologize for this inconvenience but Western Union is not cooperating with us during this crisis.

Be safe, best, Jim Sanborn

For more than 20 years Jim Sanborn has screened and responded to thousands of inquiries related to his KRYPTOS sculpture at CIA Headquarters. In 2010 the artist set up a website to handle this work but it seems that the site has encouraged an overwhelming number of frivolous or debasing or hostile entries. This screening process has required a lot of time, energy and money and Jim cannot continue to do this in the same way.

For the above reasons the “www.kryptosclue.com” website has been shut down. To filter the number of KRYPTOS enquiries, insure a constructive dialogue, and defray the expense of the screening process, the following fee system has been established:

If an inquirer would like a short personal response via e-mail to their K4 solution a $50 fee will be charged. Mr. Sanborn will attempt to respond within approximately one week or at his earliest convenience. The fee shall cover an exchange of no more than two back-and-forth emails. Additional e-mails shall require an additional fee. Mr. Sanborn reserves the right not to respond to any e-mail in his sole discretion. If he chooses not to respond the fees will be returned. The content, detail and length of Mr. Sanborn’s response shall be determined solely by him.


This fee also covers requests for single copyrighted photos of KRYPTOS for small publications and interview requests. Payments must be made using “next day” Western Union money transfers (available internationally at many outlets, banks, and online). Once Mr. Sanborn has been sent the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) by email he will read the email inquiry and either respond or have the funds returned (please provide contact information where funds can be returned). If the payment is not received, assume that the email sent will not be seen by the artist.

Important! Please place the words “Western Union Kryptos” in the email subject line, and use Jim's full name, Herbert James Sanborn Jr. for the recipients name, and he lives in Piney Point, Maryland in the United States.